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For a very long period of time our company is involved in the business of producing automated incubators.

Incubators that we are producing are totaly automated and optimised so that even total beginers can operate them successfully . In out incubators you can incubate any type of material because you yourself can set the wanted temperature and humidity in range from 0 to 100 so you can adapt to any kind of technology. Our machines regulate moisture and temperature at all times and have displays that show wanted and current reached temperature and moisture. They also have auxilary cooling system so there can never come to overheating. Machines automaticly add water to the dish and rotate every 60 min. They also have an alarm system that activates in cases of high or low temperature or power outage. Installed power of the machine is extremely small so that electricity is not even calculated in the final price of a chicken. In case of purchase you have complete instruction manuals for incubation adn maintenance and you can also reach our 24h support by phone in case of a problem or consultation.

We also offer repairing, complete servicing,changing old and overused equipment on your incubators. During this time we have gathered extensive experience working with incubators of any kind and capacity. During replacement we always use high quality termoregulators from renomed world producers.

We can also offer and provide any kind of help and support wheater it is technical or technological in order to raise and enhance you business results both regarding quality and quantity. Please do not hesitate to call us when in need.

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